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Secret Rockefeller talks revealed: Wikileaks just proved the Illuminati exists (VIDEO)

A recently released WikiLeaks report shows evidence of secret meetings between the U.S. Government and billionaire tycoon David Rockefeller, which has ignited sparks of conspiracy amongst Illuminati believers.

The Rockefellers are often cited as one of the 13 primary Illuminati dynasties – Families of immense wealth and power who supposedly remain in constant communication and act as a global shadow government.


The top-secret meetings revolved around the U.S. Sheltering of the last Shah of Iran, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi following the Iranian Revolution in 1979. The conspiratorial speculation has been further increased by the fact that Secretary of State Henry Kissinger – another supposed Illuminati member – was included in the meetings. The WikiLeaks documents detail discussions about where the Shah would be able to seek asylum, as well as mentioning that Rockefeller agreed to “make arrangements for the future residence” of the Shah's sister, Ashraf Pahlavi Princess.

The Rockefellers came to prominence in the late 19th century, with brothers John and William making their fortunes in the oil business before going on to take over Chase Manhattan Bank. John D. Rockefeller is often noted as the wealthiest person in modern history, and when he died in 1937, his assets totaled between 1.5% and 2% of the total U.S. Economy. To this day, the Rockefeller family remains one of the most – if not the most – powerful families in the country, and with their numerous ties to business, politics, and the media, it's not hard to imagine them being able to pull any strings they wish at a moment's notice.

Of course, David Rockefeller's involvement with the sheltering of the Shah doesn't explicitly demonstrate the existence of a massive shadow organization bent on enacting their New World Order. But while the WikiLeaks reports are not direct evidence of a secret backdoor government, they certainly showcase the Rockefellers’ deep and continuous internal ties to the U.S. Government, and the type of political power and influence that immense wealth can grant you.

Just how much control does the Rockefeller family have over the government and citizens of the United States? Only time will tell.

Link to the Wikileaks report: